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Job Base: Revenant
Job Type: Expanded

Class Data[edit]


Name Description Max Level Type
Promote Mage.png Promote: Mage Targeted Skeleton transforms into a Skeletal mage with 0 Def and Mdef and 60% of normal HP, but will cast Magic Instead. 1 Active
Promote Archer.png Promote: Archer Targeted Skeleton transforms into a Skeletal Archer with 0 Def and Mdef and 60% of normal HP, but gains a ranged attack. 1 Active
Promote Bomb.png Promote: Bomb Targeted Skeleton Self Destructs dealing 666% Atk + 50% of its HP as Physical Neutral property damage. 1 Active
Bonemail.png Bonemail Reduce physical damage taken by (SkillLv)% per Bone Magic Stack. 1 Passive
Lich King.png Lich King Kill All Skeletons and Zombies, Consume All Bone Magic Stacks and Consume All Spirit Spheres and Increase Own HP, SP, Def, Mdef, Atk and Matk, become Undead Race and Property and Reflect physical and magical damage back at attackers. 1 Supportive
Bone Shower.png Bone Shower Hits Target for (20*SkillLv)% Matk as Undead Property Physical Damage for each Bone Magic Stack you have, if target is Undead or Dark deals Neutral damage instead. 5 Active
Infective.png Infective Remove all bone magic stack gaining a pestilence aura for next 30 seconds. Enemies within area become infected. 5 Supportive
Asphyxiate.png Asphyxiate Detonates Infective Aura dealing 100+(20*Infective Aura)% Matk poison damage, and increases damage from Putrefacation based on Infective bonus damage. 1 Active
Mass Grave.png Mass Grave Summon (2*SkillLv) Skeletons at once, longer cooldown and Higher SP Cost. 3 Supportive
Shackles of Pain.png Shackles of Pain A selected target takes (SkillLv*10)% additional damage from Non Players for next 300 seconds. 5 Supportive
Ravenous Horde.png Ravenous Horde Sacrifice All Spirit Spheres to summon that many Zombies. 1 Supportive
Decaying Touch.png Decaying Touch Deals (222*SkillLv)% Poison Magic Damage and Applies Critical Wounds (SkillLv) to the target at 100% chance for 60 seconds reducing targets Healing by (20*SkillLv)%. 3 Active
Grasp Heart.png Grasp Heart Deals 666% Matk Dark property magic damage to target and applies Grasp Heart, for the next 60 seconds any physical attacks or skills used by target will trigger them to take 111% Dark property magic damage each time so long as you are alive and remain on screen. 1 Active
Redirect Magic.png Redirect Magic Masters Spells will be treated as if the Familiar cast them after cast time ends while in Double Team. 1 Passive

Platinum Skills[edit]

Name Description Max Level Type Quest