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= Job changing =
= Job changing =
Southwest of Hugel in the town of Neet(hu_fild02 114, 269)
South of Hugel an old man can teleport job level 40+ Spearmano the town of Neet, or you may walk southwest of Hugel(hu_fild02 114, 269)
= Class data =
= Class data =

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Draconiers are a second class of Spearman, they have high mobility in the battlefield and are experts fighting against Dragons. Some Draconiers even have a dragon as a companion, which is able to support them in combat with powerful attacks and magic effects.

Job changing

South of Hugel an old man can teleport job level 40+ Spearmano the town of Neet, or you may walk southwest of Hugel(hu_fild02 114, 269)

Class data


Skill Description Levels Type
Dragon Slayer Gain resistance to an element, and bonus damage with the opposing element. 20% Resistance to Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, Shadow and 30% daamge to Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, Holy 5 Toggle
Usurper Blow Strike at an imposing foe with tremendous force. Deals (150+50*SkillLv)% damage doubled vs large monsters. 3 Active
Lancing Strike A mighty strike, seeking to cut a path to the true prey. Dealing (SkillLv*50)% damage to initial target and (SkillLv*100)% damage to surrounding targets. Knocking back all but primary target. Ignored Def 5 Active
Corridor Rush You charge at the enemy dealing (100+50*SkillLv)% damage, dealing additional damage based on the distance you've travelled. If Dragon Charged is learned your dragon will also charge. 5 Active
Tornado Break You spin around your spear, striking all around you with the blade, dealing (150+15*SkillLv)% damage. Every time you spin, your damage goes up by (5*SkillLv)%. You max out at 5 spins. When you cast Tornado Break at 5 spins, you knock back every enemy and confuse them. 5 Active
Elemental Assault Hits the target with your spear, endowing the strike based on your active Dragon Slayer, dealing 250% Neutral damage and 150*SkillLv% elemental damage. 5 Seconds cooldown. 5 Active
Elemental Weakness After a target was hit by Elemental Assault, you can follow up by tearing open the wound left behind, dealing (150*SkillLv)% elemental damage causing bleeding and increases damage with future Elemental Assult/Weakness by a stacking (SkillLv*5)% for 120 Seconds. 5 Active
Draconier's Instinct Your battles with foes much stronger than you have taught you to resist small cuts and scrapes to avoid strong hits. Reduces damage taken by (Vit * SkillLv / 4). Up to 95% reduction. 5 Passive
Dragon Spirit Increases the resistance of dragons by (5*SkillLv)%. And gains (SkillLv*10)% of masters elemental resistances. 5 Passive
Draconic Command your dragon to be (Lv 1 Passive) or (Lv 2 Agressive) and will cast Dragon Bite when attacking 2 Active
Hatch Elemental Dragon The Draconier cares deeply for a dragon egg, and hatches a small dragon companion based on the elemental of te egg. Consumes 1 Elemental Stone. 5 Active
Dragon Charge Causes the dragon to charge the target up to 4+SkillLv range, dealing (100+50*SkillLv)% damage. Greater dragon's charge deals damage in a 3x3 AoE. 5 Active
Dragon Magic Causes the dragon to lob a phlegm of elemental energy. Deals elemental damage based on the dragon's matk. Dealing (50+150*SkillLv) damage in a 5x5 area. 5 Active
Dragon Roar Fear all enemies in a 13x13 area around dragon at a (20*SkillLv)% chance for 3 seconds. 2 Second cooldown. 5 Active
Draconic Savagery After charging, the dragon relentlessly hacks into the target for 2+SkillLv hits, each dealing 50+20*SkillLv% atk. Must be used after Dragon Charge. 5 Active
Draconic Gaze The dragon meets eye to eye with the target, honing in on its prey. It spots weakpoints and abuses them. Dealing an additional (10*SkillLv)% damage with skills. And gains (SkillLv*20)% of masters bonus elemental damage. 5 Passive
Draconic Mantle The dragon's elemental hide causes his surroundings to malform. 5 Toggle
Conqueror of Nidhogg Increase damage to Dragons by 20% (Defeat Nidhogg) 1 Passive(Quest)
Conqueror of Detardeurus Reduce damage from from Dragons by 20% (Defeat Detardeurus) 1 Passive(Quest)
Conqueror of Gopinich Increase Max Sp by 150 (Defeat Gopinich) 1 Passive(Quest)
Devour If target monster (non boss) is below 25% Hp, Instantly kill the target and restore 25% of targets max HP split between Draon and Master (Requires Dragon) 1 Active(Link)