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Class data[edit]


Skill Description Levels Type
Psychic Backlash Casting a Psychic Skill will sometimes backfire, dealing 1% Max Hp damage to self (can not kill you). However when this happens increases the damage of that skill by 25% + missing HP%. 1 Passive
Psychic Revolt Self-buff which doubles the effectiveness of the next Psychic-type move used. This skill applies to all moves with Psychic in the name. 1 Supportive
Reaper's Contract Passive skill on killing a target gain a buff that increases M.Atk by 1 Stacking up to Int times. Last 2 minutes, when maxed it last 5 minutes. 1 Passive
Psychic Massacre Explodes with Psychic energy dealing high damage splt between everything in an 11x11 cell range around the user. Always drains an additional 10% curent HP during Phychic Backlash and has 40% chance of it activating. 10 Offensive
Talisman of Despair Lowers Movement Speed. Uses a Spirit Sphere as a catalyst. 3 Supportive
Talisman of Doom Adds a Timer to target, when timer expires they take none reducible damage. Uses an Amulet as a catalyst. 3 Supportive
Talisman of Decay Inflict with Decay Status, which deals damage every second until death or recast on target. Uses an Amulet as a catalyst. 1 Supportive
Talisman of Death Lowers Targets Max HP and SP. Uses an Amulet as a catalyst. 3 Supportive