From Project Einherjar


  • Perfect Hide now effects Cloaking and Chasewalk

Weapon Mastery[edit]

  • Fixed Swiftness ASPD cap increase not checking for Weapon types


  • Added Rafflesia Pet
  • Smokie now passive gives perfect hide instead of needing to cast


  • Reduced max movement speed on flow enchantment from 15 -> 5


New Icons


  • Bone Magic no longer grants a buff instead just summons a large skeelton
  • Fixed Bone Magic summons stats
  • Fixed Zombies Stats
  • Devour Spirits now scales with healing bonuses


  • Fixed Snatcher message spam


  • Executioner Now restores 50% damage as HP and 1% as SP chance based on targets % missing HP
  • Soul Eater No longer restores SP instead has a 20% chance to gain a spirit sphere


  • Fixed Ransack message spam


  • Reduced ranking atk bonus from 25 + min(75,(Fame/Rank/5)) -> 5 + min(45,(Fame/Rank/3))
  • Reduced fame atk bonus from min(Fame,200)/2 -> min(Fame,100)/2


  • War Insanity is now a Daimyo skill instead of a Shogun Skill
  • War Insanity now requires level 1 Heal Wounds
  • Harsh Lesson Confuse chance increased from 25% -> 50%
  • Fear of Death Fear chance increased from 25% -> 50%


  • Viciousness is now useable
  • Hatch Fire Dragon is now useable
  • Hatch Earth Dragon is now useable
  • Hatch Wind Dragon is now useable
  • Hatch Water Dragon is now useable
  • Red Eye Dragon is now useable
  • Jade Dragon is now useable
  • Golden Dragon is now useable
  • Blue Sea Dragon is now useable
  • Hatch Shadow Dragon is now useable
  • Violet Dragon is now useable
  • Note: for now you can freely switch between dragons for testing but later will not be the case.