From Project Einherjar


  • Increase Housing Storage to 900
  • Fixed Bounty Board not automatically setting at 00:00 on Friday


  • Duneyrr aura no longer soft locks characters in an npc
  • Hel's Items are now Tier B for Slotting
  • Hel's Item Slot chance lowered from 50% -> 20% to match other Tier B
  • Hel's Item Slot cost lowered from 1,000,000z -> 250,000z to match other Tier B
  • Nastrond Mail now slottable in Tier S
  • Nastrond Grip now slottable in Tier S
  • Gjallarbru Plate now slottable in Tier S
  • Cursed Ruby weight lowered from 10 -> 1
  • Fixed Backpack giving 20 weight instead of 200
  • Fixed Nasrond set not giving bonus HP


  • Heal Wounds no longer cost 3% current SP on top of 20 base


  • Relentless Assult is now a true toggle


  • Art of Fudoshin, Kenjutsu, Mushin and Iaijutsu are now true toggles
  • Meditation now grants Def and Mdef


  • New Skill Icons
  • Oni Blade, Warmonger Akuma, Fear of Death, Crimson Ruler, Harsh Lesson, Living Death and War Insainity are now toggles.
  • Blood Soaked lowers max SP to 1 while active.
  • Shogun Toggles now drain HP while in Blood Soaked
  • Increased Warmonger bonus attack per stack from 1 -> 2
  • Increased Warmonger max bonus attack from Str from 2/5 -> 3/5
  • Increase Warmonger baseline max bonus from 1 to 6
  • Warmonger on a Level 99/70 Shogun with 99 Str went from 75 -> 100, but only takes 50 skills instead of 75 to fully stack
  • Akuma healing increased from 3% Missing HP -> 5% Max HP
  • Akuma now increases Warmonger bonus by 50%
  • Akuma now slowly drains HP and SP and will end when either of those are too low to continue.
  • Akuma can not be disabled till cant afford HP/SP cost where it will auto disable


  • Temp Skill Tree, Dragon Fury and below are skills that will be removed/replaced during the rework
  • [Removed]: Spear Barrage
  • [Removed]: Dragon Horn
  • [New]: Spear Lash - Whips your spear at the target, Deals 125+(SkillLv*15)% damage causesing them to be disoriented for a 1 second and Reduces the target's DEF by (4*SkillLv) for 60 seconds.
  • [New]: Dragon Spirit - Reduces all damage received from Dragon type monsters by (SkillLv*4)%
  • [Edit]: Dragon Bane - Damage against dragon monsters +(10*SkillLv)%
  • [Edit]: Dragon Slayer - Toggle, Adds 10% resistance to an element, additionally effects Elemental Assult Lv- Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, Dark
  • [Edit]: Dragon Rush - Charges to the target dealing increased damage the more distant you are from them. (SkillLv * 50)% + (Cells * (SkillLv * 10))%, If you have a dragon companion, they use Dragon Charge level 1 or whatever is learned.
  • [Edit]: Tornado Break - Deals (150+(SkillLv*15)+(Stacks*SkillLv*5))% damage in a 5x5 area around you and builds up power. 6th Cast explodes and knocks back 7 cells every enemy hit. Has 5 Second Cooldown after exploding.
  • [Edit]: Lancing Strike - Thrusts your spear with such force towars one direction that you knock back both yourself and your enemy, and ignores their armor. Area of effect: 5x5 starting from yourself, directed at target. 100+(SkillLv * 100)%.
  • [Edit]: Elemental Assault - Hits the target with your spear, dealing bonus damage based on the element of your Dragon Slayer skill. Neutral damage: 175+(SkillLv * 25)%, Elemental Damage: 50+(SkillLv * 50)%, Dragon Slayer buff defines the element of this skill.
  • [Edit]: Elemental Release - Deals 100% neutral damage damage then 900% damage of your current Dragons Slayers Element. If your Dragon Compainion is the same Element it will also use Dragon Magic Level 1 or whatever is learned. Removes your current Dragon Slayer Buff and puts it on cooldown for 60 seconds.