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Weapon Forging[edit]

  • Fixed Gumoogoh crafting recipe
  • Fixed Cyclone crafting recipe
  • Added a temporary item based dismantle for testing


  • Tide-Callers Staff is no longer One-Handed
  • Fixed Necromancer being unable to equip a few Daggers


  • Can now Reroll armor elements on 1st slot of Aegis Ornament
  • Can now Reroll pseudo weapon elements on 1st slot of Ruin Ornament
  • Rerolls on 1st slot can now fail
  • Removed Crit vs Race from list
  • Removed Ignore Def of Race from list
  • Removed Ignore Mdef of Race from list
  • Fail Chance lowered

Maps Improvements[edit]

  • Einbraoch
  • Veins
  • Lighthalzen
  • Juperos
  • Jawaii
  • Einbraoch Field
  • Rachel Field
  • Hugel Field
  • Veins Field


  • Added Bullet Time range bonus from 2~10 -> 4~12


  • Thrust can now be used with a Dagger
  • Changed Power Drive change and knockback mechanics


  • Possible Fix on Gigush
  • Fixed Oni Blade Duration


  • Increase Base ASPD with Two-Handed Spear by 9%


  • Increase Psychic Revolt duration from 15 -> 20 seconds
  • Increase Psychic Revolt cooldown from 3 -> 6 seconds
  • Psychic Massacre no longer cast Coma on self, instead when Psychic Backlash is learned has a 40% chance to lose 10% HP increasing damage by (100 + 1% per missing HP + HP missing before cast)%


  • Changed Collateral Damage knockback mechanic

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