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Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed Bleeding damage cap being 4x higher then it should


  • Reduce how much luk effects Aim Bot from 10/3 -> 7/3
  • Increase AIM bot base chance from 0.1% -> 1%
  • Weapon Mastery
  • Two handed non-ranged weapons receive 2x effects (3x when level 10)

Rachel Quest[edit]

  • Made Rachel Quest NPC in prt easier to use
  • Necromancer
  • Fixed and Infinite HP bug with skeletons
  • Enabled Necromancer longer Control Dead Quest


  • Fixed Arc Wand Crafting Recipe


  • Increase Pieces of Eight Drop rate from 1.66 -> 3.32 -> 5%
  • Bullet Time changed to Passive Skill
  • Fixed Rum Empire not being in any class tree after Pirate


  • Fixed Psychic Massacre not dealing damage (incorrect flagging)
  • Fixed Psychic Nova Skill Description
  • Increase Psychic Scope damage from 30 -> 50 per skill level
  • Replaced Amulet Requirement with Spirit Sphere for most Skills

Event Changes[edit]

  • Fixed Typo in Snowflakering Quest
  • Changed Name to Freeza
  • Removed Snowman giving daily Snowflakes per Character
  • The target item will not be dropped by the target mob at a 20% chance
  • Reduced MVP hunt cool down to 22 hours, still have 24 to complete
  • Increase MVP Rewards from 5 -> 6 Snowflakes
  • Increase Mob and Item Rewards from 1 -> 2 Snowflakes
  • Add 5 Additional One Time Quest
  • Fixed Empty Bottle Crafting deleting 2 empty bottles on a bunch of recipes


added X-Mas Headgear

Plat Skills[edit]

  • Trans Job Will Now receive Platinum skills on job change (older players can visit the plat skill npc if they are trans)


  • Fixed Advanced guns not being in the menu selection of the Socket NPC
  • Pets Dullahan pet will give stats as stated in description.

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